About Us


To provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Web Development and Hosting services, constantly working with the client to provide the best possible experience.

Eco Business

WebToday has the goal of being the ‘greenest’ we can possibly be. In every area of our work we endeavour to reduce consumption, power use and wastage. We operate on a paperless office principle, where everything is done digitally on low consumption devices.

For every project we work on, we donate to Trees for Canterbury. This helps offset emissions generated whilst restoring native vegetation around the Canterbury region. Each of our Web Development Packages comes with a specific minimum of trees sponsored, and we aim to sponsor above and beyond this on every occasion.

We also have a thriving office garden with many fruit trees and vegetables. Non-glossy paper that we receive is composted and used on this garden.

Community work

WebToday aims to have an active involvement in our community. We are constantly looking for not-for-profit and community organisations to work with, along with supporting start-up businesses with a Maker, Craft, Eco or Community focus.

Our current major project is setting up SpaceCraft – a not-for-profit maker space in Christchurch. This space will provide education, collaboration and project space for individuals, families and groups – something much needed in our city. We will provide a thriving community with a wide variety of skills and tools to allow all involved to learn, build and collaborate. A core component of this endeavour will be to work on educating the next generation and to pass on relevant skills in technology, craft and electronics.


WebToday was started in the Canterbury Innovation Incubator by Ben, Pete and Steve to provide Web Development services for friends and family. As the business grew and expanded its outlook, Nate was brought on to manage the Web Development and existing client base.

In 2009, Nate took over the WebToday brand and refocussed it on Web and Application Development and Hosting. Other projects were spun off by Ben, Pete and Steve under different brand names.

Fast forward to the present and WebToday is managed by Nate as a successful Web and Application Development and Hosting business, providing services to various Small to Medium businesses around New Zealand. We have a multiple virtual server setup with constant backups, perpetual monitoring and support, a secure reliable email and much more.

We have an amazing plan lined up for WebToday in the near future, so watch this space!